Free range, alternative, home from home dog boarding in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire - a home from home dog boarding service licenced free range, alternative, home from home dog boarding & grooming  
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At DoggiDayz we believe in the importance of allowing dogs to be dogs - which is why we are proud to offer 'free range' , alternative, home-from-home dog boarding and day care to dogs of all shapes and sizes. What do we mean by 'free range' - well basically your dogs will enjoy the freedom of both the house and grounds without restriction. Truly a home from home. We currently take dogs from all over Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire - our clients say it is worth a few miles travelling to ensure their dog is safe and happy when they are away - giving them great peace of mind. For information of our opening times, please click here.

With over one and a half acres of grounds for them to run and play, and a large patio for snoozing, your dog is guaranteed to feel right at home. The grounds are totally secure providing a safe environment for your dog - we have recently improved our secure fencing even more with the addition of a totally dog proof fence surrounding the perimeter, and a double-gated entrance plus we have 6 CCTV cameras covering all the grounds so we can watch your dogs whereever they are. Check out our great new fencing...

In the house dogs can snuggle up on the sofas or supervise activities in the kitchen - in fact they can do exactly the same things they do at your place. If they are staying overnight, we even let them share our beds if it makes them feel more comfortable.

The environment is clean and safe, both inside and out - so you can rest assured that your beloved dog is in excellent hands. Plus, with a minimum of 9 other dogs to play with, they will have lots of fun and learn to socialise with other dogs safely.

The one thing you will never see at DoggiDayz is an outdoor kennel or a cage, nor will your dog spend most of the day in transit - but instead will have the whole day to run, play, snooze or cuddle. We do however have one proviso - we cannot accept 'intact' male dogs older than 10 months without prior discussion and agreement.



Plenty of room for dogs to run and play.

Lots of opportunities for dogs to socialise

Oodles of fresh air and sunbathing for dogs of all sizes